The Story

The last brush stoke applied; now this commission just needs a scan before going off to its new life as a CD cover for David Sparrow's CD Sea Change. The painting was commissioned before corona virus was in any of our minds. The title of the CD gave me the inspiration for this image and the necessity for a square image made me wrap the sea round the outside of the canvas.

From the beginning I knew it was about trusting God to take us through the storms, into His peace but as I worked on it the message took on new meaning. As a nation we have been travelling threw the storm. There has been so much talk of a new start after the lock down. The painting is sold, it was commissioned as a CD cover and as a piece of work to commemorate the release of the CD. It is unlikely to ever be shown in a Gallery as most galleries require work to be available for sale. I feel it is my most creative and prophetic painting to date so I am very happy to share it with as many people as I can.

Once the paint is dry it will be scanned and prints will then be available. If this work speaks to you prophetically please let me know as it means a lot to me when God speaks through my work.

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