ROBINSON ARCH Bishop Auckland  

The Story

Robinsons Arch houses a clocktower overlooking Bishop Auckland's Market place. It is the iconic entrance to The Bishop's Castle, Dear Park and estate created by the Prince Bishops of Durham, that date back 800 years. 


The arch was commissioned by Bishop Trevor in 1760, it was designed by SIr Thomas Rokerby and built by Thomas Robinson of Rokerby. As  Bishop Robinson made his fortune from pineapple trading each turret on the arch is topped with a carved pineapple.  

The buildings around the arch are slightly different now as there is redeveloped of the entrance with the building of a new tower and a faith museum. For me it was a building that I walked under as a child on my way in and out of the park. In my childish mind it was even older than it actually is, but I had such a childishly romantic notion of history. It was one of the links between my world and the past. I feel I might revisit the place as it is now with the new towers and museum buildings. It will remain a special place for me and I hope the painting one day finds a home on the wall of someone for whom the place has special meanings.  

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