On The Threshold

Updated: May 30, 2021

This month has been taken up as much with embracing the fact that people will soon be able to see my work, as it is, in the flesh so to speak, not through the medium of a screen. I have continued to paint but a lot of time has gone into investigating and praying over possible venues.

And I can happily declare an exhibition has been booked in The Witham at Barnard Castle. I expect to be having a Vernissage Wednesday 14th July at 7.00 pm. This will not be a ticketed private event, but it will be by invitation as I want to put on nibbles and prosecco as a celebration of my first solo exhibition. As a result of this I would like people to book on my website so I have an idea of numbers for catering. I hope this will be a happy time of getting together and viewing paintings previously only seen on screen. If I work hard there will also be a new statement piece a large painting of Eggleston Abbey.

Along with prints and originals there will be informative boards about the history of the area and any other little snippets of interest, such as relevant poetry and literature to go with these. For anyone buying an original there will be a special scroll for their eyes only full of authentic pieces, I cant say more or there would be no mystery. So, whether you can make the Vernissage (opening event) or not, pop in and have a look between Thursday the 15th of July, to Sunday the 1st of August. Hope to see you there.

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