Scriptorium for Holy Week

Every now and then I am given words to dwell on and every now and again they make their way in a piece of art. So for this special week I am sharing two of these.

This first I posted in WAVC virtual prayer FB page and was asked to share it outside of FB.

I wrote:

This is the start of Holy Week and I offer a prayer. Jesus went through this week knowing where it would lead. He opened his arms and he opened his hands so that our names could be engraved upon them. He did this willingly because of love, just love, His love for us.

The prayer for me is the image, its my worship and my prayer. What it brings out in you I can not know, but if it leads you to some sort of prayer of your own then that is good.

The second piece I am offering is harder to read, it is straight from scripture proverbs 3:1-3 I was struck with the idea of keeping the words round our neck, and so I designed a necklace made of words.

I offer these as my worship and my praise; in contemplation I offer them as prayers.

If you would like to share them the hand will be available as a card and proverbs 3:1-3 will be available as a small print.

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