Retired and Working Hard

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Welcome to my new website! A real on line shop for a real artist (ha, ha, I wish!). Well people who love me, and people who support my work tell me I am painting and I am selling my work so I must be a professional artist. It might be that I will never see my work as good enough,but having found, the privilege of, time to paint, I find I care more and more about what I paint, how I paint, and what happens to my work.

So this is my first mumbling, musing.

Retired from teaching, but not from work. Work is now about telling my story and the story of the North East of England in image. Actually in hand crafted oil painting. Now recently I had a moment of challenge when I wondered if I should be working in another medium because of environmental factors but joy of joy I discovered that almost all oil paint is made of natural products. The biggest constituent of an oil painting is the oil. I use linseed oil (a natural product) I use real distilled turpentine as mixer and cleaner. Turpentine is a plant extract that comes from pine trees. Not knocking other mediums, but acrylic paint is made from plutonium; I think pine tree resin has to be better than plutonium!

So this is my first Blog from this site. I hope to add to this weekly. This weeks news is I have spent far to much time on this sort of admin and no time painting (not a happy chappy about that). So after I have signed off this blog it is straight back to my studio (attic room,) At one point in my life as an artist I was working from an upstairs room with no electric, When I shared this with a friend he said 'your living the dream, an artist in the garret'. I quite like that idea and I am still living that dream as you can see. So I am off to do some real work. Creating and hand crafting images that hopefully say something about the beautiful land I was born in and have lived in all my life. The wonderful, majestic, historic land of the North East of England.

Till next mumbling musing


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