Recycled Glass as art!

When we moved into our new home Back in July I found an interesting jar full of green swampy water looking very shabby and unloved. As we lived in the 'wilderness' as we called it, we discovered more and more patches of garden. So as I cleaned the glass up it seemed obvious that it should have lavender painted on it. I found a lovely poem by Rebecca Navarre called Walking Through My lavender Garden and so I have wound that through the bottom of the bowl. I have spent the last week doggy sitting my son's two dogs and the best place to keep them happy was in the garden, so much of the painting happened in the garden.

Finally I added some scripture. As I am such a worrier, and get stressed very easily it was obvious that a scripture relating to flowers and not worrying would be perfect so snippets of Mathew 6:26-34 are also wound round. This beautiful bowl will be shown at the Witham in October. I am struggling to work out how to best show it, and how to best photograph it. But for

now here it is in the garden it was found in being painted.

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