New Painting for New Exhibition at The Witham Barnard Castle. Summerhill Force.

I have visited Low Force all my life but it was only recently I discovered Summerhill Force and what a find it was. It is so beautiful. I started this painting way back in February but this year has been such a traumatic time, with good (a house move, and my first ever solo exhibition), bad (the death of my Step father along with ongoing changes faced by us all due to the pandemic) my work has been squashed into small spaces and moments. However the work I have completed over this time is, in my rather prejudiced eye the best I have ever done.

I continue to search for my voice, or style and in this painting I feel I get another step closer. Colour continues to be so important but this time the contrast between light and dark has been the most important thing. The darkness of the shade only acts to brighten the light and enhance the beauty of the water. When I handed it to my scanner and printer she said 'Oh pretty' and I think it is.

However it also encapsulates the spirit of wood and water that can be found all over our region. There is something mystical about this dappled light, the dark shadows and the highlights of sunlight on water. In this scene the colour of the water is also significant. There is a reflection of a blue sky, then a reflection of green trees, finally there is the golden brown of peaty water flowing straight down from the moors.

Please don't be satisfied with this screen version, come and see in real time real size, real colour. It plus other work old and new will be at The Witham from the 6th of October to The first of November. There are leaflets about what is available for you to buy and a program with loads of interesting information about each hung painting and an interactive activity for you to take part in. I will be live painting through most of the time so I look forward to seeing you there.

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