Five years to discover 'Loosestrife'

Around 2017 I painted this picture of flowers growing along the sides of the beck at the back of Staindrop Church. I have shared relatively little of my feelings back then because I did not want to sound like a raving lunatic. I had left a job I loved under difficult circumstances and was in shock, and in what I now understand was deep mourning. The shock of loosing my income was immense, the confusion of what to do now was overwhelming and the pain of loose was immobilising, All I could do was paint, it swallowed me up, sucked me in and provided peace.

I called the little painting Purple flowers at Staindrop. Well It has sold over and over in print form. The original was sold in July 2021 at my first ever solo exhibition. But it was not until October of this same year that I discovered what I had been looking at, back then when all I ever wanted to do was cry. Loosestrife, a flower that's name tells to loose the strife, to lay it down by the water it grows next to, a flower that encourages us to find peace where we are. I never thought when I painted my first paintings I would look back at the from the space of time and find new beauty in them but I am, and for any one who wants to know peace this painting might just have something to say to you.

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