The Story

Anyone who is familiar with St John's Collage Durham will recognize the building in this painting. The grand facade was built on the front of a much older Tudor building that still remains behind. The beautiful door on the right of the painting is part of the College while the ironically  Georgian building to the left, houses Cranmer Hall offices. The beautiful little chapel is St Mary The Less. All of these buildings are situated on the Bailey and a stroll along this historic lane will bring you face to face with them and many more. However you will never see them in this formation anywhere but in this painting.  The narrow old lane does not allow the visitor to see them together, the layout here gives an impression of strolling along the lane noticing buildings of significance to students and staff of St John's and Cranmer.

I have to admit taking photos for this painting generated many images I want to work with given time. It is my greatest frustration that there is always more to paint than time to paint it. But there are definitely paintings in my head that reflect the history, atmosphere and beauty of historic lane that hopefully will become real.

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