GLORIOUS ISOLATION outside of Thrunton Woods  

The Story

Isolation and social distancing have been a bit of a theme for 2020. However isolation has been a intrinsic part of the beauty of Northumberland for hundreds of years. This painting was inspired by a day at Thrunton Woods. The view was from the bottom of the woods looking out across the scenery. What caught my attention was the layers of colour. I have always been fascinated by the fabric of our countryside, the way trees look like lace and the layers of texture and shade and colour look like the best fairisle jumper that you could ever pull on. To wrap yourself in it those colours would be so comforting.


On this painting it is the beautiful golden light catching everything that was my focus. It is as though the land has been anointed with majesty. The purple huge to the sky and land signifies (as purple always does) royalty. Northumberland was the birthplace of many Saxon kings and is littered with relics of the Powerful Norman noble men who stamped their rule over the land, and lived here for hundreds of years.  It truly is a splendid place, wild and beautiful but full of hidden treasure. 

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