The Story

The days are getting longer and our road sides are filling up with the beautiful dancing daffodils. The shops are filling with Easter eggs but there is more to Easter than chocolate and flowers. This painting captures the beauty of a spring morning 2018.

As I drove into Eppleby village the sight of the daffodils dazzled me but it was more than their beauty that spoke to me. In the midst of the beauty and new life was a dark bare tree. The tableau was framed by the houses of the village, the whole scene shouted Easter.

If you understand that Easter represents sacrifice, death and new life, you like me, may look at the painting as a symbol of this. The shining beauty of the daffodils can only look so magnificent while they are surrounding the empty tree. The dead leafless tree stands out against the beautiful spring sky. In art contrast provides beauty of light against dark. For the Christian the death of Jesus provides the opportunity of forgiveness and life.

I hope this painting speaks to you of new life whether you share my faith or not.   

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