High Bondgate Bishop Auckland 

The Story

These steps are part of the oldest buildings in Bishop Auckland. The houses behind were part of the original settlement of the town; they have clearly been rebuilt over time, but their position would have been part of the enclosure of a large open green that would have been used to pasture cattle. Much later these houses became more prestigious with a shared garden with wrote iron railings keeping the rougher elements out. The steps provide a walk way from the higher street down to the road. High Bondgate has changed immensely since my childhood from a little back street to a main bypass leading to the market  place and other main roads out of town. This pretty little street is often driven past without a second glance. 


As a  child I always imagined fine ladies and Gentlemen walking down the steps maybe their children would play in the enclosed garden area.  The Golden colour in this picture might reflect the past splendour of these houses. While the worn uneven steps and railings remind us of the history involved and the generations who have lived their lives in this place. With this in mind it is fitting that the person who bought the original was the granddaughter of a past owner of houses on the street.  


For me this is an emotive picture of living in a historic place with echoes of the past in the present.  


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